Sweet English Vinegars & Exclusive Fine Oils

Exclusive fine oils & vinegars

We produce award-winning Exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic and sweet vinegars that will inspire your ideas and tantalise your tastebuds. We have a huge variety of unusual flavours in our Sweet English Vinegars all are made using only natural ingredients. Our Extra Virgin Olive oils are all carefully chosen and the natural flavours pressed at source in Italy, we give a personal service tailored to your needs.

Sweet English Vinegars

Our Sweet English Vinegars are naturally infused with berries, herbs, spices and even flowers. We make the vinegars in our kitchen here in Warwickshire, and due to the steady increase in demand for our lovely vinegars, we are in the process of fitting out our new production unit.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are carefully chosen at source in Italy. We give a personal service tailored to your needs. The flavours are robust and long lasting. Unlike an essence or flavouring added to an oil, which will evaporate in a short time, a natural pressing gives longevity.