A study has been carried out at the University of Ioannina in Greece confirming what we have been advocating for years. Oils are better in bags!

Rather than tin plated steel and large glass amphors at Vinegar Tips we have always advocated ‘on-tap’ systems, encouraging re-filling of bottles. This has always been close to our hearts.

Along side a local potter we designed our own vinegar and oil jars, beautifully handmade glazed ceramics to facilitate serving our products in 3ltr bags on tap. The system excludes all light and air from the products making them free from two of the most damaging elements. The ceramic jar also keeps the products at an ambient temperature.

The bag is put into the ceramic jar, the tap pulled through the aperture in the jar for easy filling of the chosen bottle, with no risk of spillage or contamination. It is super easy to change the products over. Simply remove the empty bag and pop in another one. No mess, no fuss!

The bags are bio degradable and we are constantly keeping an eye to the industry to improve sustainability.

Read more about the study here: https://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-basics/bag-in-box-containers-prove-superior-for-olive-oil-storage/